Group Singing Classes*

£100 for 10 sessions (save £25)

£12.50 per session

Enjoy singing lessons in a small group class (maximum 6 students). Join up with a friend or come along and make new friends in your age group  

Have fun, learn new singing skills and build your confidence.

Session attendance is flexible, so come to 1, 2 or 3 groups a week or just come every now and then. Booking is open first to students who pay in advance so spaces go quickly!

Tuesdays & Thursdays

4.30pm: 5-7 year olds

5.30pm: 8-11 year olds

6.30pm: 12-15 year olds

7.30pm: 16-18 year olds


9.30am: 5-7 year olds

10.30am: 8-11 year olds

12pm: 12-15 year olds

1pm: 16-18 year olds

*Group classes only available at NCM Chichester Studio from January 2020