Not every piano parent plays the piano!

Not every parent can read music!

For those parents who are 'musically clueless', the Piano Parent Workshops provide you with the knowledge you need to support your child's home practise in those crucial early years.

Among the things we cover:

♩   Note Learning - on the piano keyboard & the page.

♩  Note and Rest values and their names.

♩  Posture, arm & hand position.

♩  How to count (yes, really!).

♩   How to practise effectively.

Piano Parent Workshops are not piano lessons - but they will help you have a greater understanding of the process your child is going through. After we have covered some of the basics, workshops will be parent-led based on what their child is currently learning.

But for parents who are interested in private piano lessons, don't forget that while your child is learning with me, you receive a family discount!