All beginner piano students start with our Introduction to Piano Course.  This is intended as a taster to see if the student enjoys learning the piano before embarking on full lessons.

For adult students and parents, this is a crucial trial period because this course can be taken without the need for a piano at home: the 4 week course provides an opportunity to test a potential student’s enthusiasm and commitment before investing in an instrument.  It also provides the teacher with a chance to assess a students learning style before choosing an appropriate method book for them to progress to. 

The course includes basic keyboard skills, rudimentary theory and learning to read music in relation to playing the piano.   

At the end of the course, there is an option to extend for another 4 weeks if a decision has not been made or families are not yet in a position to invest in a piano.  Advice can be given on suitable pianos for most budgets. 

After an informal assessment, children who graduate from the Introduction Course will be invited to progress to 45 minute lessons.  5 and 6 year olds may remain on 30 minute lessons.  Adults and teens may continue with 45 minutes or extend to 1 hour lessons. 

This course is available to both U.K. and international students but through contact lessons only (not suitable for online lessons).